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The Coulee Region Chapter of Trout Unlimited has been preserving, protecting  and enhancing our cold water resources since 1974.

Chapter Officers and Board, as of October 2021


President - Jason Freund

Vice President - Brad Berger

Treasurer - Curt Rees

Secretary - Deb Muresan

Communications  - Brad Berger,  Curt Rees, and Jason Freund

Veterans service program - John Newton and Heath Riniker

Education Committee Chair - Brad Berger

Chapter historian - Cy Post

Past President:  Fred Spademan


Board of Directors

  • Rick Kyte

  • Fred Spademan

  • Kristal Welter

  • Duke Welter

  • John Townsell

  • Jason Freund

  • Dale Jonson

  • Curt Rees

  • Bob Hubbard

  • Cy Post

  • Brad Bryan

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