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2022 Projects and Events

  • The April meeting about spring (April, May, and June) hatches is available on YouTube as we had to meet online due to unforeseen issues.

  • We hosted the first annual CRTU Picnic in Coon Valley - look for that to return in 2023 as it was a great chance to get together outside of a meeting.

  • June 25th was Coon Creek Trout Fest in Coon Valley. Turnout was great after a wet and slow start to the day.

  • We hosted our banquet in person in March (usually February) at Cedar Creek in Onalaska. It was another successful banquet - thanks to all the prize donors, volunteers, and attendees.

  • We donated about 10 loads of rock for the stream improvement project on Rullands Coulee Creek.

  • STREAM Girls was in Avalanche at the West Fork Sports Club. We hosted about 10 girls for the day as they learned about fly casting, bugs, current flow, fly tying, and more.

Projects in 2020 and 2021

  • Southeastern Wisconsin Trout Unlimited was at the West Fork Sports Club for a work day on August 14th. Volunteers from 4 TU chapters - CRTU, SEWTU, Kiap-TU-Wish, and Southern Wisconsin TU turned out to help the WFSC clean up after the early August flood. Thanks to SEWTU for hosting - and for there famous brat fry lunch.

Projects in 2018

  • The 4th annual Cozad Driftless 1Fly was on a chilly and rainy March 31, 2018, but it didn't deter anyone from getting on the water and having a good time while raising money for youth outdoor projects.  Norm Yackle was the overall winner (78 fish!!) and his team, the Limestoners, were the top team.  

  • Dale Jonson and TU friends from near and far spent a few hours on April 28 replacing some old dangerous stiles on Billings Creek.  These stiles keep fences tight and secure (good for the landowner), and they also provide safe access to eased water (good for anglers).  

  • Will Lusignan and Duane Meighan continue to do great work with our Veterans Service Project.  They lead fly tying at the Tomah VA in addition to other outings to get vets on the water. 

  • We have a stream work day coming up on June 9.

  • This year's Coon Valley Trout Fest will be on July 28 on Coon Creek.  We will help a few hundred kids and family members try and catch a trout in Coon Creek.  

Projects in 2017

  • The 3rd Cozad Driftless 1Fly happened on March 25, 2017 and was a fantastic day of fishing and raising money for youth outdoor events. 

  • We partnered with the SEWTU and Aldo Leopold chapters to do brushing work on Tainter Creek on June 10.  We worked hard all morning, had a delicious brat lunch, and then fished hard all afternoon.  

  • Worked with the Boy Scouts of Onalaska to help 6 boys earn their fly fishing merit badges.

  • Partnered with the Project Healing Waters group of Green Bay to host a great day of fishing on Coon Creek.  

  • Youth Outdoor Fest was July 8 in La Crosse.  Thanks to all of our volunteers for their work with kids and families to help them enjoy the outdoors.  

  • Flooding led to the cancellation of the July 22 Trout Fest, but we look forward to it next summer. 

  • Thanks to our friends from the Lee Wulff and Gary Borger chapters of Illinois for the stiles replacements they did in August and September in La Crosse and Monroe Counties.

  • Supported the restoration work on the McManus property of the West Fork of the Kickapoo.  Thanks to Mike Leonard and the DNR crew for the work you do.  

  • Started two new Trout in the Classroom projects in the classrooms of Scott Linssen (La Crosse Central high school) and Jeff Hansen (Longfellow middle school in La Crosse).  

Projects in 2016

  • CRTU member Jeremy Southworth coordinated the midwest Reel Recovery retreat in September.  Here is a recap of that incredible event.  

  • Built lunker structures on Spring Coulee along with the Black Hawk chapter. 

  • Sponsored stile building on the new horseshoe easement on the North Fork of the Bad Axe.  Many thanks to Duke Welter and our friends from the Lee Wulff (IL) TU chapter.  

  • We have co-sponsored another Trout in the Classroom project for students in the North Crawford school district.  


CRTU events from 2015

  • CRTU led the fly tying and fly casting on July 11 at Youth Outdoor Fest in la Crosse.  

  • Sponsored the youth fishing event at Trout Fest in Coon Valley.  We had more than 110 kids register at our station as they enjoyed a great day of fishing on Coon Creek. 

  • Fly casting and tying demonstration at the Grow La Crosse Fall Farm Festival.

  • Sponsored a Trout in the Classroom project at the Innovations STEM Academy in the Sparta School district.  This project is led by Chris Amundson and the funds came from the money raised at the Cozad's 1 Fly fishing event.  

Highlights from the 2016 Cozad's Driftless 1Fly

Highlights from the 2015 Cozad's Driftless 1Fly

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