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New CRTU President, Fred Spademan

At the May 2020 Board of Directors meeting Fred Spademan was installed at the new president of Coulee Region Trout Unlimited. Fred has been an active member of CRTU for several years and we are excited about his leadership. Many thanks to Rick Kyte and Cy Post for serving as co-presidents for the past year.

Some Q&A with Fred to introduce him to our CRTU members and friends...

What is your go to fly rod for fishing Driftless streams?

"My Scott GS 8'4" 4wt.  A much better rod than I am a fisherman."

What flies do you use most often?

"No surprises here. Parachute Adams, BWO and, thanks to Jason Freund, the CDC Elk Hair Caddis.  Subsurface I really like to use heavy Perdigon-style nymphs below an indicator."

What do you enjoy about Trout Unlimited?

"The best things about TU are the camaraderie and the opportunity to make a difference in our local economy and ecology.  The people in TU are smart, friendly, caring and very open.  We get great speakers at the meetings that inform and challenge us.  As an organization, we all come together over a love of spending time outdoors with friends in the beautiful places trout live. The work we do together with landowners and local businesses keeps these areas both biologically and economically productive."

What do you appreciate about fishing in the Coulee Region? 

"Miles and miles of streams with easy access, great fishing, huge numbers of wild trout/mile, friendly landowners and beautiful scenery. I'm really lucky to live close enough to go out after work and fish destination streams any day, not just a few weekends a year."

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